The Bloodshed Diaries and Scrapbook Murals

Drone Journalism Fund

Gail Orenstein has been a photojournalist for 23 years, she now uses drone technology in her work as a “hybrid journalist”.  During that time, she has taken thousands of photographs collected thousands of “on the road artefacts” as a documentarian. This includes her plane tickets, the work she’s documented using photography, video footage and drone footage. Over the years she has collected artefacts from abandoned IDP centres, clothing from refugees that have washed up on the shores of the Mediterranean and war, humanitarian and refugee artefacts that have been given to her and that she has given to others, including shoes and clothes from refugees camps found on the beach and clothes left at IDP temporary shelters.

Her diaries include some of these artefacts but are also made from photo-transfer and documents Gail has created using different print and layering techniques which she has created in a series of books or as she refers them as “the scrapbooks of her life”.

Some “Scrapbooks” have been turned in to large murals which Gail works on in her studio in London. For more work on her Diaries or “Scrapbook murals” please contact the artist directly on Twitter @DroneOrenstein