My speaking engagement at Oxford University’s Drone Society

Last night I had the honour of speaking at the Oxford Drone Society. I thought about it afterwards when I got back to my hotel. After my presentation I had a lots of students approach me and I felt really inspired by their great questions, becuase that is really where it begins, the curiosity phase. I met with so many passionate young people who are interested in using UAV technology to help make a better world.

Some of the ideas that were discussed at the event like working in agro in Africa, tracking animals in Africa, so many achievements are already taking place. What excites me about our industry is that over the years the more I teach and the more I speak the more confident I feel that the younger generations will contunie to develop and mature the industry for good. I even had a student as me how to start becoming a drone journalist. That made it extra special!

Photo of Gail at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford. Courtesy of the drone society

We also heard via phone conference from Lena Gorska who has been working in the Ukraine for the OSCE. Lena is my real hero. She is a great humanitarian and a great inspiration for all women. That was a very big highlight of the evening. Thank you Lena!

I left feeling excited about all the creative potential at the society and that there is so much more to do as our industry is still in its infancy. I am so honoured to have been a part of drone society event and to hear how it is maturing and will have an impact on our community. It is always exciting to think you may have contributed to it in some way, just a little.

All the best to the Oxford Drone Society, I would love to come back in a few years to see just how much more you have achieved.

A big thanks to Harry Howe who is so committed and dedicated to making a huge impact in our industry. It is young people like Harry who will leave a long lasting legacy in the industry.

By Gail Orenstein A Drone of Her Own©